Finding My Voice (Again)

I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on the blog, updating posts, etc. By doing these tasks, I’ve noticed that somewhere along the way I’ve lost my voice. I blame my training in the last few years in Business Writing. Between that and I also spent over a year at a job I hated, it clearly killed my creativity. And so it seems like my writing became emotionless, factual. Exactly what is needed when you are writing a document for work, but the total opposite for what a good blog post should be.


I remember a Business Writing class I took while getting my Bachelor’s. The teacher was brutal and I think for me that was the beginning of losing my voice. She had us remove all pronouns and nouns from our writing. So it went from “I think it’s such a nice day out.” To “The temperature is 70 degrees today.” Or “I absolutely hate strawberries.” To “Some people hate strawberries.” (Who the eff would hate strawberries? I imagine those who could be allergic.)

Let’s visualize my imagination and creative writing spirit animal as a mermaid. With long, dark hair, sun kissed skin and pink seashells with gold trim. And of course a larimar around her neck. Because she’s a Dominican mermaid*. Let’s not forget the gold and turquoise fish scales. And bright lipstick. Because fabulous. Somewhere along the way, this fabulous mermaid was put to sleep. Maybe she received a trompon** by a coral reef. She’s super drowsy right now but I’m trying to wake her up.

Who wants to read a factual product review? I would rather watch an infomercial than read something like that. “The lipstick is red. The packaging is black.” EW. I’m not saying I’m the Beyoncé of Bloggers. But I know I could do better, and I’ve done better.

So bear with me while I wake up my mermaid.

*I understand mermaids live in the sea, work with me people! The Caribbean Sea is pretty close. Don’t make me screen shot!

**Trompon is Dominican slang for a smack. See also, cocotaso.

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