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Fitness is always on our minds in the beginning of the year. Between the pasteles, pernil, empanadas and everything else we consume during the holidays (hello flan!) we have put on a few pounds. And let’s not even bring up the fact that I had a baby 10 weeks ago at the time of writing this post and I have a ways to go before losing weight and fitting in my work clothes again…and my skinny jeans.

I’ve written posts about what to wear to the gym, beauty don’ts and one of my favorite fitness exercises, Zumba.

The polyvore image above shows things that need to be in your shopping list if you are ready to work out the way I do. Since I can’t get to the gym, the Zumba core for the Wii is pretty good. I sweat my bootie off and the songs are fun. I do notice a lot of the moves I know from having gone to a class. It’s a bit hard with the graphics to figure out what exactly they are doing if you are not familiar with it.

And if you are going to Zumba, whether inside the house or at the gym, you need a great pair of sneakers that are flexible with extra cushion. I got a Nike pair on sale at the outlet close by for $19! And they work great!

Of course you need a good supporting sports bra whether you have little or big boobs. Mine are little but I still keep them from getting baggy (ha!) with good support while I work out and never am without a sports bra or a bra. Of course cute workout gear always helps to get you to the gym too.

The reason I have kept up with Zumba is the music. If you don’t like to work out to Zumba but still need some music to push you through you should reach for an armband. This one for your iPhone is cute for the runners out there.

No matter what motivates you to lose weight, stick to it. I prefer having fun but some people like to get right down to business. Just do what you like to do best and that weight will melt off!

If you want some more fitness ideas, check out my Pinterest Board called Werk! Here’s to a healthy you!

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