Fitness Update

fitness update

My last post on the Corporate Challenge reminded me that I haven’t really done a fitness update in a while. Not that there’s much to share. Since December I have….

  • Gained and lost the same 5 pounds.
  • Have the same 25 pounds to lose.
  • Have been doing weight training at least once a week at the gym.
  • Know that I need to hit the gym more often.
  • Joined some No Excuse Mom groups on FB to help get motivation and keep going.
  • Haven’t been able to do Zumba which is my fave cardio due to a hip leg and foot issue and instead have taken to the elliptical…while watching novelas to make the time go by faster (of course!)
  • Have built a little muscle and lost a little fat. No serious change though.
  • Have been making healthier food choices about 85% of the time. Trying to aim for 95%.
  • Have signed up for two 5K but I haven’t been training AT ALL so I hope I don’t hurt myself just when I’m feeling better.

How about you? Have you been meeting the weight loss goals? I feel like I have to start getting super serious about losing weight it’s already May! If I lost ten pounds I would be happy with that! Better than gaining ten right?

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