Four Easy Holiday Hairstyles

There are quite a few cute holiday hairstyles to compliment your great outfit for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners. You can easily accessorize updos and half updos with some great headbands and head wraps as well. Here are four easy hairstyles I’ve pinned on Pinterest.

I just tried this pin this weekend. It was soooo easy only took two seconds and it lasted all day without falling apart. Great every day hairstyle as well. I can see this one being my “my hair is dirty and I haven’t had a chance to wash it” hairstyle 😉


This two minute tuck is similar to the one on top except you tuck your hair into the headband. Another easy hairstyles.

Source: via Janice on Pinterest


I just got a bun thing from Claire’s. I’m sure that there’s a term for it but I have no clue. Anyway, here’s what to do with it. Easy hairstyles for everyday glam. I will post a pic with my new hairstyle soon. You can also get bun ties too. They look like this.

Source: via Janice on Pinterest


This is one of my favorite hairstyles. This easy hairstyles side loose bun is a great look you can dress up with hair accessories or leave alone.


Source: via Janice on Pinterest


There you have it! Four easy hairstyles you can rock this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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