How to Get Organized!

how to get organized

Being organized is not something we inherit from Mami y Papi. It’s something you have to really work at to get right. Don’t confuse it with something like dieting where you hate to stay away from that arroz con pollo. Getting it together is completely the opposite. You get so excited with your progress and realize you haven’t pulled your hair out in days and you get used to the new routine.

It’s all about routine. Please realize that it takes about three weeks for something to actually be a habit. That said you can play around with your own organization tricks until you find the perfect one for you.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is “Paper or electric?” (Instead of paper or plastic!) This means should you get a day planner from your local book store or should you use an online source to get your thoughts together? There’s so many different ways to remind yourself of things and also to keep it all together and nicely organized that I’m sure there is something out there that just screams you!

You don’t have to pick just one thing either. You can cheat and do a little bit of both. For example, I have a day planner that I use *just* for my bills. That’s all that goes in there. I write out the due dates for each bill in the planner and arrange them in there by due date. As a busy Mami, if I don’t see it in front of me it won’t get done. And I absolutely hate late fees, it’s  literally like giving money away. I know I can’t afford that!

For scheduling that comes up, such as appointments and get together’s, I organize by using the calendar on my iPhone. I heart my phone!! I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s not that hard to use the calendar and you can set it to remind you whenever you’d like it to. I also use the Evernote app to jot down quick ideas or screenshot of things that I want to blog about. Keeps everything easily accessible!

If you are a techie Mami there are some great things online to help you get it together. Some are even free! In order to be able to multi-task I needed to get a daily chore list going. This way I remember the daily clean up things that I have to do around the house which don’t take much more than an hour. I actually typed up this list and have chores listed under days of the week. I took that list and put it on my refrigerator door for easy reference. This list tells me when to clean out my magazines, what room to clean when. It’s my master to do list that keeps me organized at home. I’ve tweaked it over time to make it work seamlessly. Otherwise I wouldn’t have time to blog! Mija it’s all about baby steps! You won’t be clutter free and organized overnight.

How are you planning to stay organized in the new year?

4 thoughts on “How to Get Organized!

  1. You’re right on that. With organizing, you must take baby steps. I’m organizing and throwing stuff out little by little. i can’t believe how much we’re accumulated over the past 8 years. it’s crazy!!

    By the way, is that one of your rooms in your house? Just curious 😉

  2. I found your blog after listening to Rhea’s first BlogTalkRadio show. You gals were funny. I totally agree with you about getting organized this year I decided I need to develop some sort of schedule for all the things that must get done. I am finally learning that if I schedule something to do once a day then it is less overwhelming then trying to clean the entire house in a weekend.

  3. @Lisa: We can definitely accumulate things! And hubby is a pack rat. I hate it! The pic is not a room in my house though. 🙂 Once I tackle the linen closet and front porch I’m going to do before and after pictures.

    @Stephanie: It’s a lot easier to do it in bite size peices. You can always squeeze out 10 min to a half hour to get a thing done here and there. But a chunk of time is definitely not guaranteed for busy moms! I’m glad you enjoyed the radio show I hope to see you around here and in the radio chat rooms! Glad you stopped by!

    BTW: Can you tell I’m *really* into twitter! lol!

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