Give Me Two Pair….

….I need two pair! That’s from Nelly’s song Air Force 1. I love those sneakers. I swear those are the only sneakers I wear. I have them in different colors but would love to continue my collection. I walked like 20 blocks in NYC once to find a pair that were limited edition that I knew you weren’t going to find upstate. I was about 19 or 20 at the time. They were white with the denim Nike sign they were hot! These right here though…..

are my absolute favorite! I love the colors they are different with the bubblegum blue and dark blue. Plus they are suede. I’m wearing them today. Just wanted to post an Ode to my Air Force 1’s. lol!
Do you have a favorite brand of sneaker? I know they have lots of “femenine” sneakers out with Baby Phat and Pastry and all that but I wear boys sneakers. All the sneakers I own are boys.

Edited to say: Oh yea….don’t forget about the contest!!

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