Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap 2015

Last night was this year’s Golden Globes and the stars were definitely shining! Here are a few of my faves:

JLO Golden Globes 2015

JLO as always….just slayed. She took no prisoners in this dress. The absolute epitome of glam. I love it, the cape like sleeve that turns into a train, the up to there slit and the low cut v neck. She’s always stunning. This is just the start of award show season can’t wait to see what she comes up with for the next show!

Gina Rodriguez Golden Globes 2015

Gina Rodriguez, from my absolute favorite show Jane the Virgin, looked great as well. She played it a bit safe with a black dress but the fit was perfect and I can’t wait to see what other fashion choices she comes up with. It seems she knows what works for her and loved the makeup and the hair as well. I wish I could have seen the shoes! The hair was perfect!

Jennifer Aniston Golden Globes 2015

Jennifer Aniston’s dress was great with the slit, I just wished she would have left her hair down with this dress and maybe did a bit more with her shoes. She looked a bit too plain, but she’s a classic.

Aduba Golden Globes 2015

Another one who slayed without even trying. Uzu Aduba is just beautiful the makeup, the hair the dress. I can’t believe this is crazy eyes ya’ll!

Laura Prepon 2015 Golden Globes

Laura Prepon, and her dark hair to match the black dress is stunning. Her makeup is also flawless. I love the feather like texture that mixes up her otherwise classic cut dress. This is just gorgeous! I’m sure these OITNB ladies are over wearing those prison uniforms because they seem to be going all out in a great way!

Danielle Brooks Golden Globes 2015 Danielle also looks great! The body hugging dress is a great fit on her and emphasizes her waist. Her hair and makeup also looks great, that berry lip on her is beautiful! And compliments the dress very well! Those OITNB ladies really know how to bring it out on the red carpet!

viola davis golden globes 2015

Viola Davis is definitely getting away with murder. She is killing them on the red carpet. The deep red looks great against her skin tone and is a great breath of fresh air from all the black everyone wore tonight. Her hair and makeup is also on point, that berry red looks great with her skin and doesn’t clash with her dress. That’s a hard to accomplish! Red lip with a red dress? Viola did it, and did it well!!

These were just some of my favorite looks from Golden Globes last night. Which were your favorite?

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