The Good, the bad and pregnancy |40 Weeks Documentary Review

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40 weeks

I was able to check out the movie 40 weeks. 40 Weeks is a feature length documentary on pregnancy where they follow real couples for 40 weeks documenting their pregnancies. This film premiers the first week in December in some markets and you may have the opportunity to attend a screening in your city if interested!

There are so many gems here. First these people are so relatable. They open up to the camera in a way that most people wouldn’t be able to do. Also, everyone has very different pregnancies including hyperemesis gravida, placenta previa and cancer. But they all have so many things in common including being strong well articulate men and women. Even though they are all from different walks of life. And so many truths were said!

  • “I don’t feel like myself. The one constant thing” and I was like ain’t that the truth!
  • “You don’t want to read a lot because it freaks you out. You don’t want to not read and be uninformed.” PREACH mama!
  • “Things you can’t control are going to happen all the time but you can control how you react to them.” I need this one printed and framed. If someone would have told me this while pregnant I would have cried happy tears. That ugly cry too. Because it’s just so true.

This is something I suggest all pregnant women from all walks of life sit and watch with their significant other. But warning….it may make you cry that ugly cry and it’s because you will relate. To at least something. And sometimes when you’re pregnant you feel like you’re an island and no one gets what you’re going through. Then every pregnancy is different so even if you’re not pregnant for the first time you still don’t truly know what to expect. This will hit home and I bet you will watch and rewatch these women at each stage that you go through, from first to third trimester.

I definitely don’t want to give too much away because I want you to watch. To check out more information about the movie, head on over to their website at 40 Weeks the Movie. I think I would have titled this something long to capture it all like “The Good the Bad the Ugly…Being Pregnant” This would be good for someone not sure what they are getting into. Not that it matters because when you are pregnant there’s no take backs!

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