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spring cleaning paper clutter

Now that your closet, purse and makeup bag are on its way to being spring cleaned I’m sure you do other regular spring cleaning around the house. I’m hoping to get to clean the windows along with the other things I mentioned. Also going through the linen closet and doing the same that I mentioned for our closets. Hopefully go through the basement stuff and throw away what we don’t need. We just bought our house in June and we’re usually more prepared as far as moving but this time was a mess and it’s still taking me some time to go through everything.

Do you think about paper clutter while you are spring cleaning? I try to keep paper clutter at a minimum. For example, I’m all about online banking. All my bills are set up online and I don’t even have my bank statement mailed. I just get an email that says it’s ready to be viewed and my bank saves around 12 months worth of statements. So that definitely reduces the paper clutter. Like I mentioned all my bills are set up online. I have a planner I get every year and I arrange the bills in there by due date. So every week I know what I have to pay for the week.

Fridays are usually my bill paying days, but I open mail as it comes in and it either goes in my planner to be paid or goes to the trash. This is how I keep the paper from not taking over the house. I can set up all my bills to be paid on whatever day I want the payment to post. It’s a great way to organize my bills since they are all in one place. Also the planner sits right by the computer and all I have to do is add the numbers in and hit make payment. So much better than writing checks! If your bank account has online banking available especially if it’s gratis then you should check that out. It would save you time in writing out all those checks stuffing them and mailing them and it would save you money on stamps. It also gives me a total payment amount so I’m sure I’m balancing with the bank. I balance my check book like twice a week I’m really anal about it. I hate bank fees they are such a waste of money and so expensive! So I try to make sure that I am in agreement with the bank all times. It’s also a good idea to do it will save you money in the long run.

I wrote this back when online banking was not a real thing yet, but now I’m sure you use online banking to reduce paper clutter and stamps. I also put my bills in order of due date and use a sticky note to add up all the bills that I need to pay per paycheck. If it’s not in front of me it doesn’t get paid!

How do you organize your planners? Do you use it for bill paying or also meal planning and other types of organizing and spring cleaning? I’d love to hear how your organize your planner!

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