Hair and Age Stereotypes

A few weeks back, fellow blogger Tough Cookie Mommy had shared on Facebook that she was basically told her long hair wasn’t appropriate for her age. First off, she’s not even old but that’s a whole other topic. It got me thinking about hair as we age and what may or may not be deemed appropriate.

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Honestly, I think our generation of women have broken barriers of beauty and fashion on what’s “appropriate” or “age appropriate”. I’m sitting here writing this as I wear a headband on my long ass hair that is going to be cut in a few days. My hair is hitting my butt at its longest point (so literally long ass) but my reasons for cutting it are not because of being appropriate. It’s just not feasible to handle all this hair at this length. Plus my layers have grown out and I do like my long hair to have some volume and movement. When it gets this long and it’s all one length it just weighs itself down and looks boring to me. I’m not doing anything drastic (for me drastic would be shoulder length!) and since taking my Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins semi-consistently the last 30 days it’s definitely gotten too long to handle.

But where is this rule written that older women need to have shorter hair? What is considered too long? And then hell, what’s considered old? Because I think that’s more of a frame of mind than a number.

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I think this is all based on the individual and what they like. My mami’s hair was always in layers. The longest layer hit right at her shoulder and then it went up from there. I’ve cut my hair this way before (no choice, bad hair disaster) and it reminded me so much of my mom I would never cut my hair like that again. Nothing against her I just like to be my own person. That’s her signature ‘do. Another blogger home My Mamihood did a big chop not that long ago and her curls are fab! She rocks it like no one else does. Are you going to tell me her chop isn’t age appropriate either because it’s so fun?

No me gusta. I don’t like these labels that people like to inflict on each other about what should be beauty or fashion rules based on age. I only have one rule.


People always ask me beauty questions like “should I apply bronzer or blush or can you use both?” I say there’s no rules in makeup but there’s no rules period. Do what you like and how you want to do it. Nothing wrong with experimenting with trends, but know what works for you. And rock that mess like nobody’s business.

As far as hair goes, there are now shampoos that target anti-aging just like skin care does. I’m definitely going to check those out to make sure my hair continues to stay healthy as I age because I don’t think I will get a short cut anytime soon!

How do you feel about beauty rules?

7 thoughts on “Hair and Age Stereotypes

  1. Love your post! I totally agree. Everything is beautiful. I’m lucky to live in a place where anything goes (NYC!) and seeing how women of all ages have fun with their hairstyles and make-up is really inspiring. On the streets I see everything from older women rocking spiky, purple hair and leather pants and young women with fur coats with librarian glasses and a bee hive 🙂 It’s awesome to see that they don’t care what others think and they love themselves for it.
    Yes. “Do you Boo!”

  2. Pfffft. This whole thing about short hair over 35 is just bollocks. I mean, come on. I do think that as we get older we should try to look more polished because the scruffy appearance and shapeless hair that might look fine on a 20-something just look sloppy on a 40-year old, but come on. People are also free to wear whatever the heck they want. And unsolicited advice ALWAYS makes me cringe, no matter whether they have a point or not. Just mind your biz. You do your hair, I’ll do mine 😉

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