Home Makeover: Bathroom on a Budget

Purchasing a home that was in need of a home makeover is the easiest way to get a home at a great deal. When I look back at the pictures of the listing that was to be our home, I struggle to see exactly what I liked about the house that made me what to check it out. Of course I loved the layout and was looking for a split level that can have two living spaces, a fenced yard, a half bath and a double wide driveway. Those were our must haves. I didn’t realize how much sweat equity we were going to be putting into it!

home makeover-feature

We ended up finding a house with a two car attached garage, two full baths, two living spaces and a den that I use as my makeup office. It was everything we wanted and more and came at a great price. The catch was that it hasn’t been updated since it was built in the 60’s. So this house was in need of a major home makeover! I wished we could have been in an episode of Flip or Flop or Fixer Upper, but we weren’t so lucky.

With two young kids and paying for daycare, a bathroom remodel or major home makeover is something that I dream of, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Especially for my downstairs bath that has seen better days. My upstairs bath wasn’t too far behind though. Here’s the picture from the listing.

home makeover-bathroom

Man, the curtain and wallpaper and vanity….and light fixture. So dated! Thankfully the wall tile was a basic white and the floor tile isn’t too bad. There’s nothing we can do about the peach tub, toilet and sink right now so I figured we choose a color for the walls that would work with the peach. The wallpaper came down first, thank goodness. Then I washed the walls and picked a navy blue color for the walls.

home makeover-bathroom

I would love a new vanity but because we are on a tight budget right now, I opted for new knobs and a fresh coat of paint.  I found the set of knobs at Home Goods, but Hobby Lobby is another great option for fun knobs. I wanted to add some molding to the vanity, but hubby wasn’t trying to wait to try and figure it out so he went ahead and painted it.

home makeover-vanity

Our light fixture was very 70’s. We went with a super affordable option because hopefully in a year or so we will be able to remodel the bathroom. I’m talking new floor and wall tile, new vanity, sink, toilet!  But this bathroom doesn’t bother me as much as the downstairs bathroom so I can live with it for now!

I finished up the bathroom by adding a white shower curtain with gold flecks to match the white knobs with the gold starburst on them. I also added a navy blue rug that matches the walls. I want to add some glass shelving on the wall right above the toilet. Something like this…

home makeover-glass shelves

So let’s do the math:

Paint for walls and vanity-$20
Knobs for vanity- $20
Shower curtain and rug-$15
Shower rod-$5
Vanity Light-$30

Some elbow grease cleaning, and removing wallpaper…priceless!

For less than $100 we were able to make a huge improvement on our upstairs bath. Small changes can make a big difference! We’re working hard on the next area of our home makeover. Slow and steady wins the race (and doesn’t go broke)!

Do you have any plans to remodel your bathroom?

2 thoughts on “Home Makeover: Bathroom on a Budget

  1. Hello Jai, I love your decoration. You have such a beautiful bathroom. It is looking beautiful and well organized. Your wall decoration is so cute. I always prefer this type of decoration. This is an appreciable blog. Thanks and keep posting.

  2. I definitely would say that your bathroom make my day. I love everything in it. Looks so adorable and fabulous. Thank you for the inspiration.

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