How to Make Rosewater at Home!


Rose bushes are pretty hard to kill, even with my semi blackthumb. I have inherited a rose garden, which is really a patch of yard where the previous owner planted at least 20 roses. It’s been in a weird place so this spring we started moving them towards the edge of the fence. They didn’t mind and still flowered as usual and look very pretty along the fence.

One day I’m looking at all these pretty pink roses and rose petals on the ground and I was like wait a minute?! I can totally be making rose water with this! I mean they are just sitting there not doing anything so even after I cut a few to bring inside, eventually they die. So let me put them to work!

First, why rosewater you ask? Rose water has so many beauty benefits including clearing acne prone skin, evening tone, balancing pH, and also deals with rosacea naturally. So basically it brings your glow all the way up!

I love me some rose water but and it’s proven to work but I’m not in love with the price tag. Especially if you want the good, non-diluted stuff. Guess how much my rose water cost me to make? 94 cents. Don’t you hate those Pinterest DIY’s that cost you an arm and a leg to create? And you don’t even have to be crafty to get this done you only need to grab a bottle of distilled water from Target. BOOM!

I grabbed about three roses from my backyard and took off the petals from the stem and placed it in a colander. After I was done with the petals, I washed my roses in cool water to get them nice and clean. Then I got my distilled water and filled a pot with distilled water with just enough to cover the roses but not to drown them in the water. I turned my stove on to medium and let it simmer for 20 minutes. You want to watch over it so that it doesn’t boil or you will lose out on those nutrients that make the water fabulous. I have a very fancy, top of the line stove…I mean I’m sure it was back in 1950…and it’s electric so I just watched over it and watched the time. It tried bubbling towards the end so I made sure that I turned it off at that point.

I waited for the water to cool off and I used thecolander to  strain the petals from the water. You can tell that the roses were done because they were discolored. I tossed the petals in the garbage and stored the rosewater in the fridge. I used pink rose petals so my rose water was kind of an orange color, but if you use red I think it ends up the rosey color we all like. I ended up with quite a bit of rose water, but to make the tonic, you only need about a tablespoon of rosewater inside a cup of distilled water and you put that in a spray bottle and you’re good to go!

I use the rosewater on my face twice daily in between washing my face and my moisturizer. You can read more about my skin care regimen here. My face already has a glow up, and is incredibly soft.

I’ve also used the rose water in a sugar scrub I made. I added a tablespoon of rose water, some brown sugar (but if you want it to look Pinterest worthy you may want to use refined sugar, I just really like brown sugar) and added a dash of almond oil and coconut oil. You don’t have to use either oil, I do love me some coconut oil for my acne prone skin and it will help in the scrub hardening a bit so that it’s not too watery. Try it you will love it!

Cleopatra knew what she was doing when she put rose petals in her bath water. Aside from the fragrance it leaves behind (which is totally a bonus!) it’s also amazing for your skin! Side note…she also used almond oil as part of her skin care regimen. So I’ve heard. Apparently, almond oils contain mandelic acid, which is found in many modern peels. The more you know, right?
Who’s trying this at home?

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