How to Watch Telenovelas Online

Who doesn’t love telenovelas? I absolutely love them but haven’t been able to watch because I had to downgrade my television service. I didn’t watch any of those other extra channels but needed my telenovela channels. I’ve written a post before on where to watch telenovelas online. Honestly with work and everything else (kids, home, blogging, etc) I don’t have time to watch. And even when I had the channels, the kids or hubby take over the tv time and I had to watch marathons on the weekend on the DVR. And I don’t have time for that either!

So how do I watch Telenovelas online?

Hulu! Yes, hulu is a paid service ($7.99) where you can watch all your favorite shows. This is the way I caught up to Scandal which is my new favorite show. I don’t like to watch shows from the middle, so I will go on Netflix or online somewhere to watch from the beginning and get caught up. Neftlix doesn’t have telenovelas though.

The best part is that I can watch an episode a day on my lunch break because I have the app on my phone. Or while working out at the gym I can put it on and listen via headphones. If you just do a search on “telenovelas” on Hulu, you will find quite a bit to choose from. I am about to start watching one but will do a quick google search to find out the plot and the actors that are in it. Those two things make a huge difference on me watching a show or not!

After doing a bit of a search, Por Ella Soy Eva looks good (Jaime Camil and Lucero) Amores Verdaderos and Vivir La Vida. I heard that Brazilian telenovelas are amazing as well so I’m going to try it out!

There you have it! How to watch telenovelas online no matter what part of the world you are currently living in! Enjoy!

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