How was Father’s Day?

How was your Father’s Day? I spoiled my hubby with a new pair of Jordans. He loved them. He’s a huge Sneaker head. We also went to dinner at a local BBQ place which was pretty busy. I guess dads like to eat BBQ! Otherwise the day was quiet at home with the boys.

My parents live in PA so I just called my dad to give him my best wishes. Sad to have him so far away from me. And even sadder to think that he didn’t have my brother to call him as well to give him his Father’s Day love. I also thought of my late brother’s children and how much they are probably missing their dad right now.

Some pics from the Instagram files!

2013-06-16 11.42.00

My Father’s Day collage for my hubby!

2013-06-15 22.18.12

At my Brother in Law’s house celebrating his birthday with a cookout!


2013-06-16 16.33.51

Twinsies! At dinner at a local BBQ place.

2013-06-16 16.04.48

Didn’t get to post this one on Instagram but Father’s Day posing with the boys! I can’t believe how big Little Face is getting! And how little he actually was! They just grow so fast!

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