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My skin tone is uneven, mostly due to my adult acne and redness caused by my sensitive skin. Now that I’m getting older, I’m obsessed with a brighter and more even complexion. To improve my skin tone, I’ve been using a variety of masks, including Borghese Fango Brillante  Mud for Face & Body. This mask can be used to even skin on your face and anywhere else you have concerns with your skin tone: your neck, back of your hands, shoulders…etc. I love the glass container that can be reused once the mask is done.

Skin Tone Borghese

Lightly fragrant and bubble gum pink color, I love wearing it around the house. Other mud masks tend to  dry out my sensitive skin but this mask dries nicely, not overly drying which has made it one of my favorite masks pretty quickly. It’s definitely not cheap, at $50, but definitely worth the splurge. It’s my Saturday morning favorite. I have another mask I use during the week, but this is the one that makes my Saturday rotation.

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Use this Borghese mask to reclaim a bright, vibrant and beautifully-even complexion. It fights dull and distressed skin tone and gives it radiance and renewed natural, instantly-noticeable glow. It’s made with Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract and Sweet Almond and Avocado Oils, to minimize pores, even tone, correct imperfections and promote a smooth, clear luminance.

Can you see why it’s quickly become a favorite of mine? With weekly use, I expect this mask to last me about 6 months. And once it’s done I will be ready to purchase another one! You can purchase the mask from Borghese here. This would also make a great gift!

I can’t stress enough how important skin care is, especially in your 30’s and 40’s. Your skin in your 50’s and beyond will look based on how you’ve treated it the twenty years prior. So don’t slack on that skin care and make a good mask a part of your skin care routine! Brightening masks helps to fight dull skin, which is something that comes with age. Keep your skin looking young and your skin tone bright and even with a mask like this!

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