Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

It’s been just under 48 hours since the new president of the United States has been elected. A president-elect with no political experience whatsoever, who everyone thought was a joke when he announced his intentions to run for president back in June. Here we are.


For the past 48 hours I have processed my feelings, what the media, and social media has been saying. And I’m incredibly optimistic. To a fault. But I just can’t see the bright side of it. It’s just darkness. Here is a man who says he doesn’t like anyone that doesn’t resemble him (white, Christian, man) who has treated women like objects, who can be recorded saying awful things and still lie and say he didn’t or blow it off like it’s no big deal.


In the past 48 hours, the stock market has dropped. And he’s not even assumed the role of President yet.

Here, in a very blue state, just 48 hours after the election, my friends have already been asked if they fear deportation just because they look a certain way. Closet racists have now come out full force because they feel they have been given the right to act this way. And of course they feel it’s their right since our President-elect was endorsed by the KKK. Like I said, I’m optimistic to a fault. But there’s no way to see the bright side.


Like Martin Luther King’s famous speech, I judge people by the content of their character. Not the color of their skin. And I expected that the majority of Americans felt this way. But those that even called themselves Christian voted for Trump. I didn’t realize the bible says to hate everyone. “Love thy neighbor”…. there’s no caveats to this. And who are we to judge people anyway?

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Some of you have your eyes wide shut. Maybe because you’ve never been judged by the color of your skin. Or the curl of your hair. But I’m angry. For those that look like me and those that don’t. Because there are some of us that have the privilege of  being able to call the police for help without getting killed. Or not having a disability and not having to be afraid of being targeted. Or looking so American that no one would ever confuse you for a terrorist. Or a drug dealer. Or a “bad ombre.” Or be a young kid fearing that your parents will be deported for no reason.

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And to those saying to deal? Sure we’ve lived through Republican presidents before. This is not about Republican vs Democrat. This is a man that has run his entire campaign on hate and divisiveness. This man who spews hatred, who has been compared to Hitler. Who is he to tell women what to do with their bodies? Are you also pro life? Fine, do you. Some of you act like you’re going to hell for the supposed sins of others. You’re not responsible for what you believe may be my sins just like I’m not responsible for yours. There’s way more going on in this country besides what a woman decides to do with her body. This is just another way for Trump to objectify us as women. Treat us all like properties.

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. I cannot stand with a man who spews so much hate. And in my true optimistic form, I will not lose hope until after December 19 when the electoral college vote. Either way, stand with unity. Stand with equal rights for all. I hope that I can see this in my lifetime. The only way to drive out hate is with love. And hope. I hope that we continue to stay active in our communities way past the New Year. I hope that we don’t become complacent. Our children deserve better than this. It’s been over 50 years since Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech and not much has changed. Let’s do everything in our power to make a difference.

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  1. I’m so disgusted with the election, I can’t believe this man was chosen as the leader of our country. Not sure what is going to happen in the next 4 years, but I’m sure it will only benefit the white wealthy people of America. May God help all POC , we need to stay united in order to make a difference.

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