Jane the Virgin | Chapter 10 Recap

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin finally came back from their winter hiatus and I couldn’t wait to watch. Of course I had to wait until this morning and watch it on Hulu on the iPad but I take what I can get. Totally worth it though it was a great episode, as usual! This is why this show won so many awards so far this year.

So chapter 9 left off with Jane’s grandmother. She was thrown down the stairs by the biatch of Natalia/Petra’s mom. And we don’t even know if abuela is going to be ok if or when she wakes up. Everyone is praying. Rafael on the other hand was having a good day. He got Petra/Natalia to sign the divorce papers (finally) and he’s managing the hotel during his dad’s absence even though it is in the middle of a tropical storm. Jane though isn’t having the best time, her grandmother is in the hospital, she is stuck at the hotel and her besties have basically turned their back on her. Since her dad is rich and so is her baby daddy I guess her friends don’t see her as one of them.

Is Rafael’s father sin rostro? I knew that Rafael was definitely not sin rostro, but never thought that his father might be the one Jane’s ex has been looking all over for. Michael’s police work may have gotten him sin rostro hideout under a tub in the bathroom. Well if the definition of police work is about to bang your partner in the hotel bathroom. Those two sure love mixing business with pleasure.

While laying in the hospital unconscious not knowing if she is going to be ok or not, abuela is about to be deported. I love that this show touches on immigration reform. Basically the doctor was like we’ve contacted ICE and they will pick her up and deport her back to Guatemala where she will continue to receive care. So heartless, they won’t even care for her until she gets better and then ship her back. They were going to ship her back just like that! how awful. Poor abuela.

While Michael and Jane are stuck in an elevator she hears the news over the radio that abuela might get deported. I haven’t liked Michael since he was conspiring with Petra/Natalia to get rid of the baby or give it to her and Rafael. Of course now that Rafael and Jane are together Michael has made it his entire job to prove that Rafael is sin rostro. At least being stuck on an elevator gets him out of Rafael’s face.

You know what though? Michael gets some cool points. One, for knowing all of Jane’s stories…the whole thing with the Rosary and abuela was super cute. Also, the fact that he pulled strings to make sure abuela didn’t get deported was nice. Rafael didn’t even know all that was going on! So he’s winning me back a bit. Just a bit. Because if you’re pining away for someone and waiting for her to possibly return you wouldn’t be banging your partner during police investigations. Just saying.

What did you think of this past week’s episode?

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