Jennifer Lopez’s New Perfume Just in Time for Mother’s Day (Enter to Win!)

Jennifer Lopez just released a new fragrance to add to her line of delicious smelling fragrances. I swear she has one for every mood! Her latest, JLust, is a great fruity, floral, woody scent. How does that even work? They blend very well together to create the perfect scent.

It is a bit similar to last year’s perfume, JLuxe which was also fruity floral.  JLust has different fruity and floral bases though.

Jennifer Lopez, JLuxe by JLO

The fruity notes are apple blossoms, mandarin and strawberry. Then the floral notes hit you with a soft Jasmine (I love Jasmine!!) white peach and vanilla orchid. The dry down is a musk, Tolu balm and Tonka Bean Absolute.

I have to say that this mix is perfect for year round. The floral notes work great in the spring, but not too strong for winter. On the other hand, the musky part is great for winter, but not too strong for spring. It’s the perfect signature scent that works anywhere and at anytime. I’ve been wearing it non stop for a week mostly to get an idea of how it smells and I think I will be wearing this for quite a while. As in until the bottle finishes and I have to buy a new one.

My favorite part about it is that it is a soft smell and not in your face. I hate in your face scents! It goes with the bottle’s soft blush color. This is what makes it perfect for everyday and every season!! Jennifer Lopez seems to be as much a perfume expert as she is a fashionista!

It goes without saying that this is a great idea for Mother’s Day! Go to your nearest Kohl’s to smell for yourself and buy it! The pretty, 1.7 ounce bottle retails for $49.

Jennifer Lopez, JLust

Enter to Win JLust by Jennifer Lopez

Enter to win a bottle of JLust! This giveaway is good from April 23, 2016 through May 1, 2016. This contest is only open to US Residents. Good luck!

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20 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez’s New Perfume Just in Time for Mother’s Day (Enter to Win!)

  1. ANY GIFT is my favorite, my husband never buys anything and used to make me buy for his mom, but my daughter tries to get me a gift card.

  2. My favorite were the homemade gifts that my kids would make when they were little. Nothing more special than when they made those items out of love. I have a picture frame, a small jewelry box and some vases that they had made.

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