Jlo’s New Reality Show

I’m not sure if you heard or not but Jlo and Marc Anthony were going to do a reality show on TLC –which JLo was going to executive produce– about life as a family and how she is balancing being a new mom to twins along with running all her businesses. I’m not a die hard Jlo fan but I’m not one of those people that love to hate her either. Unless she’s singing…then I’ll really tell you like it is! So to be honest I was interested in watching the show. I know that she’s wanted to be a mom for a LONG time so I wanted to see it. It can’t be as bad as Kimora Lee is on her show. That chick is so excessive!!

Anyway, supposedly Jlo has been getting a lot of backlash from the press about doing the show. So they are turning the show into watching her come up with a new line of fragrances and the kids or Marc are not going to be included in the show. Talk about back pedaling!! To be honest I’m not as interested as I was before. I really hope that they go with the original plan. Especially since Marc has supposedly written every single song since 1999 about Jlo (if you let Spanish media tell it). I want to see how excessive and/or obsessive he is with her. Especially if the rumors about the Ex-Mrs. Anthony, Dayanara Torres is true. About how she couldn’t go anywhere by herself and had to put her career on hold. I see she’s more in the spotlight now that she’s divorced him compared to before when she was with him. To those of you who don’t know, Marc Anthony has been a BIG deal in Spanish music since the 90’s. What do you think? Should the show go with the original plan or are you bummed by the fact that they turned it into something else?

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