July Ulta Beauty Haul

July Ulta Beauty Haul

So I let myself go to Ulta about once a month. Most of the time I go for a specific product, this keeps me on budget, but this time I wanted some time away from the office at lunch and it was a beautiful day out. I also had a 20% off coupon for the store. I thought a trip to Ulta and my favorite pizza spot would be the perfect “me time” lunch date but then I remembered I need to lose weight and had a Greek salad instead. Totally missing that pizza though.

So I went to Ulta and got a couple things all for under $40! And then I got a $5 off coupon to use next week and also fell in love with a Tarte purchase I’m going back for! So there goes the August haul! I’m also returning that lash product from Essence that I really wished would work. So that’s $8 towards a $35 purchase!

July Ulta Beauty Haul

This time around I bought:

  • Four NYX lippies:

  • Matte lipstick in Nude

  • Matte lip creams in London & Tokyo

  • Butter gloss in Napoleon

  • Hask (hair mask) oil treatment for my hair

Also I grabbed two eyelashes

  • Ardell lashes in 101

  • Eylure Vegas Nay lashes in classic charm

I love Vegas Nay, do you follow her on Instagram? I love seeing her fab makeup looks. I like to follow people that have similar complexion to mine so I can get inspiration on makeup looks. No point in being a makeup hoarder if you don’t use everything!

2015-07-01 07.59.55

Lastly I stumbled on Essence’s colonizing lash powder. For $3 I said why not. I thought it would be a hack for Younique mascara.  I do like the Younique mascara but I am a contact lens wearer and I find the mascara permanently stains my contacts. No Bueno. So guys, this did work as expected and comes with a spoolie but…I didn’t read the directions that says it’s not suitable for contact lens wearers. Well damn. And guess what….I tried it before I read the directions. I definitely worked on plumping my lashes up between mascara coats but it got everywhere including my eye. Thankfully I didn’t have my contacts on when I tried this out because this hurt without them being on. I can’t imagine how it would have felt if I did have them on!!

I really wanted this product to work but it just gave me the idea to use a spoolie with a mineral powder or baby powder, all of which I have in my house for free. And all which would be an easier (and less painful) way to get some volume on my lashes without mascara. I will write a separate post showing you this!

So I’m going back next week before going on vacay to purchase the only pallet I will need while I’m away. Only three work days left for vacay can you tell I’m excited and in vacay mode??

So if I only go back for this one thing does it count as a “haul??” I have all the questions today!

I bought these items on the last day of July so it still counts as July’s haul! Winking smile And since I have this coupon that I need to use next week August will be a bit early this month!

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