Karma is Hilarious When You Become a Parent

Screenshot 2017-01-15 14.04.38I loved my mom’s shoes when I was a kid. She had somany pairs of pretty heels that I loved to shove my little feet into. She has small feet so it wasn’t long before I actually fit them. I made my house my runway teetering in my heels back and forth. She had a pair of red peep toe with an ankle strap that were my favorite. I think there’s a picture of me in them around here somewhere. She would always yell at me to leave her shoes alone so then I would still sneak into her bedroom, close the door and tried on her shoes some more. Until she found me and yelled at me again. I started young folks.

She used to say that my kids will be in my shoes the same way. Another thing about me as a kid I HATED sharing anything. I was a huge brat. I wouldn’t even share a french fry with you if I didn’t have to. So I wasn’t looking forward to that karma payback. Until I grew up and had two boys. Then I said haha in your face mom!

I forgot all about my early 20’s and late teens and my tomboy stage. Around that time I was buying Nike’s in boys sizes and Timberlands as well. Cheaper to buy boys than it was ladies at least at that time. And I liked that they were a bit wider than the ladies fit which made them more comfortable for me. And this was before I had kids so I actually had some money to spare for a good pair of boots or sneakers.

Fast forward so many years later….now my 9 year old is eyeing my pair of Timberlands. Don’t ask me how much a pair for kids run now a days. ($109 on sale!) Way more than I am willing to pay for a pair when my son’s feet are still growing. He’s been measuring his feet against pairs of sneakers he’s been dying to take off my hands for the past year and a half.

I wore my black leather Timberlands for the last time the other day. I like to wear them in the snow because there’s less chance of a slip and fall. And when I came home and took them off….I handed them right over. Ugh. Why he all up in my shoes!?

I’ve already given him a pair of suede low Dunks that I wore all the time when I was pregnant with him. My feet grew and they didn’t fit anymore so those are now his.


And now he’s eying my wheat colored leather Timberlands. Can I live? I can’t wait until he starts fitting into my husband’s shoes and leaves mine alone!

2017-01-07 11.17.36 HDR

Moral of the story…even when mom is wrong she’s right. I thought Karma wouldn’t touch me and here it is taking all of my shoes with a smile on his handsome little face.

Doesn’t he look cute with them on though? My little fashionista!

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