How to Keep Blonde Hair from Getting Brassy

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I’ve been blonde for almost a year. By the time I wrote this post I colored my hair a dark magenta, but it’s a semi permanent color that I threw on top of the blonde. A few months ago, when I retouched my roots, I thought of writing a how to blog post on how to DIY your own hair color. Maybe I will once this washes off in a few weeks, my roots are ready for another bleaching!

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Every time I’ve gone to a hair dresser to get my hair dyed, I almost always had to fix it. I’ve had some hair disasters, and I’ve learned how to avoid them. My blonde was more of a dark bronde (blondish/brown) but it has never been brassy or looked like a sun chip. I’m very proud of that.

Aside from bleaching my hair with Quick Blue that helps it not get too orange while lifting, I also like to use a demi color (lasts longer than semi, less damaging than permanent) in a natural (read neutral) shade. This means I choose an N color, A leaves me too cold and W is where you get the warmth that can be too brassy.

Even after all that prep work to make sure I get the least amount of brass possible…I can still get brassy. But even natural blondes get brassy if they don’t take care of their hair. Or folks who are naturally gray.

My biggest secret weapon to eliminate brassy tones in my hair is John Frieda’s Color Correct Anti-Brass Cleansing Treatment. I first wash with my regular shampoo, then I wash with this and leave it on for about 2 minutes, then I condition as usual. I use it at every other shampoo and it makes a huge difference! I’ve tried other purple shampoos and this is by far the best. Even after my roots have grown in deep I still get compliments on my hair color and people ask all the time what I’ve used to get the brass down.

I have become an expert at mixing colors. It’s truly just mastering the color wheel and is a little bit like baking. The color that I picked as a semi permanent, it’s got a violet tone in it, which cancels out yellow-orange tones. If I would have done a blue shade, it would have turned my hair green, or ashy.

One more thing! This also helps with highlights and keeps them from getting brassy too!

Have you tried coloring your hair at home or gone blonde before? Share any tips in the comments!

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