You Know You Have A Toddler When….

My son Pun (formerly known as moms of toddlers

You know you have a toddler when…

…you are considering wearing Depends because you are about to pee your pants and you can’t leave him alone for one second in order to use the bathroom.

….you think about getting those Depends because the five minutes alone in the bathroom is like a mini vacay! No babies allowed!

….you take him to the park and he decides to play with the mulch instead of the playground.

….he knows how to say no five different ways. I call it level 1 through level def con. He can say a simple -uh-uh and shake his head or screams no as he runs away.

….you get smacked in the face and hugged all within 30 seconds.

….you can’t let him go in public. He will run as fast as his little legs will hold him.

….you can’t leave any crumbs on the floor. Or anything for that matter. He will put it in his mouth and chew it while you’re chasing him around the house.

….your house is locked down tighter than Fort Knox yet he still knows how to get around it. Like a little baby ninja.

…he can be as quiet as a little baby ninja too when he wants to be. Aka when he’s into something.

…you can probably feed a village in a third world country with the amount of food the kid throws on the floor to test gravity.

…..when you put him down for bed you fall asleep before he does because you’re so tired from chasing him around all day.

…he likes things HIS WAY. Which means if you’ve cleaned up the living room but he likes to have his toys everywhere so that he has options…yea that.

….you’re trying to vacuum that very same living room and he comes up behind you to pull the cord from the outlet.

….there’s little Related