Latin Party Traditions

The capia is the popular favor in old school parties. From baby showers to baptisms to wedding and birthdays the capia is a favor that’s pinned on each guest as a memento of the party. It has a printed ribbon in the party colors with the name or occasion on one side and date on the other. It has a lace doily in the back. That’s as similar as they get. They can be big or small and have a cross or bible glued to it for baptisms to baby bottles and pacifiers for a baby shower and the theme of any birthday party or wedding. I made my own capias for the first time when I was getting married. I only got married about four years ago (this August) and I didn’t know what I was doing but I think they came out beautiful if I do say so myself. The thing I love about the capias is that it’s something that you pin (the host or bride/groom) to each guest so it gives you the opportunity to personally thank them for coming. I think they are cute even though they are a little more old school and not a lot of people use them for their parties anymore. But I am more of the traditional type. Here’s an example of a baby shower capia….

and you can be as creative as you’d like with these!! Mine was more simple…..

But you get the idea!

One thought on “Latin Party Traditions

  1. Those are so cute!! Do you keep the capias forever or do you keep them for awhile then throw them out?
    I have a few b/c if I keep them all, i would have ALOT! LOL

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