Let’s have fun this year! Three updates for you!

Hey guys! I like to keep everyone updated every time I get a new idea or switch things up on the blog. Last week I wrote (and talked!) about my word for 2017.  I’ve been running on empty off and on for a long time and it’s starting to take a toll on me. Like I said in that video, I like to “whole ass” everything and I don’t like to half ass anything. I started playing around with things on the website this summer…mostly because of our move and summer is so short in Rochester, NY that I didn’t want to spend it all behind the computer. But I realized that writing two posts a week is just fine and works for me and my blog. I had a summer posting scheduled and tried to continue it through the rest of the year.

What to Expect

I really like the two post a week schedule. I continued it for the first week of 2017 and I will keep writing on this schedule. It may vary to three but I’m trying to keep it to two: Tuesdays & Thursdays being those days that I post. So keep an eye out for that!

I will still be writing about all things pretty: makeup, home and DIY. I sent out a survey about me to a few folks and pretty much all said they look to me for makeup advice and looks so I will continue to provide that for you here! I’ve written about home before and I’m still in the process of decorating and making our new to us home more homey so you will see some posts about this. My favorite room right now is the living room but I still need to wall mount the TV and I’d like to get an electric fireplace. (Let’s be honest I’m not wall mounting anything but I need someone  hubby to get this done soon. Then I can finally take before and after pics!

I’m hoping to do more videos for 2017, my goal is one a month. I get caught up in the editing and perfecting stage which is why I’ve never really jumped into doing video. But since I now have a home office to hide from the kids work out of, I’m going to maximize the time and space I have. Let’s see what I can come up with! I’d like to graduate to live video on the Mami’s Time Out Facebook page, so if you’re not a fan yet, please stop by and give a like!

That’s it for now! Three things to expect from me this year! If I write it out then it’s more probable that I follow through with it.

As always you can leave me a comment with suggestions, send me an email or talk to me on Instagram and Twitter! I love reading your comments and chatting with you! I’d love to hear what you like and didn’t like on the blog last year!

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