I love makeup like the next chick…but guys there’s a limit

We all know how much I love makeup…this is where my blog started from: my love of shoes and lip gloss. Which has now developed into matte lipstick (what…I don’t even know who I am anymore). There’s lots of extreme makeup transformations out there and we would all like to dabble in a bit of contouring and highlighting (just me? I dabble!) but some people have gone to serious extremes and the internets are telling their entire story. Yes I know there are some celebrities out there that are like whoa without makeup on and loads of Photoshop…and not in a good way. But there are seriously some people who wouldn’t be identifiable if they took their makeup off.

extreme makeup

So to these folks I ask how? And why? And how much? As in how much makeup does it take to completely change your face? People, every day makeup and special FX makeup are two different things and I feel like some people are toeing that line. It ain’t even a fine line folks! I mean I don’t think it is I think they are two very different makeup techniques don’t you?

So I go on the internets and I find lots of examples. There are some serious before and after pictures all over Pinterest and Instagram. It’s so hard for me to believe that these pictures are of actual people. I’m speechless. We’ve all seen this contouring tutorial right? This one is subtle compared to others.

subtle contour| extreme makeup

Guys please stop! God forbid something happened to you how is your mama going to be able to identify the body if you look nothing like your all made up photo? Also, how you going to find a good guy when you lying to him about what you look like? Leaving makeup on the clean pillow cases because you don’t want him to see you without it? Missing out on events because it takes you forever to get ready. You all like…

extreme makeup

But I got to make my eyebrows and eyeliner match! No puedo…I just can’t. This is not how we should live life. I love makeup and I have a collection to prove it but let’s limit our every day makeup to 5 minutes. I challenge you to 10 minutes tops! If you can’t put a full face on in ten minutes you need to get your life together. What do you say ladies?

7 thoughts on “I love makeup like the next chick…but guys there’s a limit

  1. I love make up and enjoy putting it on. I am fortunate that I have no reason to do any drastic thing to my face. I will share that I love taking time to get my self fixed up. I feel it’s one of the blessings of being a woman. The 10 minute make up routine is great for mothers and other busy women. In my professional and personal life, admittedly this has never been me.

    1. Hi Glorya, definitely on a special occasions I don’t mind taking the extra time to get ready. Some people just really look so much different with all that stuff on than they do in real life. I agree with Ana, it should enhance your natural beauty! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I would love to learn how to contour and highlight just to enhance some facial features, however I like to keep looking like myself in the process. I have never been one to pack on layers and layers of makeup, I like to keep my look minimal when I’m on the go, if I have an event then I might spend a little more time doing my makeup, but I truly believe that makeup should enhance and bring out your natural beauty and not make you look like someone different. 5-10 makeup routine is definitely doable!

  3. t thoes 6 steps are like … if i knew a girl like that in the next day that she wake at my side i would problaly faint… no makeup at all please

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