Lowe’s Back Yard Assignment and Giveaway

For Lowe’s June/July assignment, I actually convinced the hubby to redo the patio. Perfect time for the fourth of July too! He seemed to really get into these projects the last few weeks. It goes to show that a little sweat equity goes a long way.

So here is what we were dealing with before:


Well that was after the weed pulling and garbage tossing. I wanted to make the patio bigger but noticed that the water and electricity came in right where we wanted to dig (and honestly I don’t think hubby was ok with all that work) so we made it a two tiered patio as a compromise.

I really never gave this little patio area a second look since we moved in because it’s not all that pretty. What a difference new paver stones make! 2012-07-02 08.12.24

2012-07-02 08.12.27

I love the decorative stones hubby used for the edging. And honestly it wasn’t as much work as you think. Well none for me since I didn’t do much but be the project manager. My role was to figure out how to do it and how many supplies we needed and tell that to hubby so he can get to work. So these two months we purchased paver sand for the base, these paver stonesand the store personnel were so good about helping us figure out how much paver sand and pavers we’d need. We ended up with only three pavers left over and one or two bags of sand. Perfect! I would rather return than have to go back to the store mid project to get the rest of the materials. We also used this decorative stone as the edging but I can’t find a link on the Lowe’s site. I saw it used in a display at the store and with the sun hitting it, it just looked awesome. And the bags were pretty cheap as well.

Since we lived in a climate where the ground freezes over (and at times, and then some) we went with the Polymer Sandas a edge filler. The sales rep at Lowe’s said that it allows for expansion in between the joints which minimizes any cracks to the pavers or shifting. I honestly have to say they were the most helpful bunch I’ve met. And we ended up at two different Lowe’s stores for the supplies. Both stores were just awesome with their customer service. I have a thing about customer service.

before1 afterHe also fixed the side fence that was just rotting out. Loved that we got all of our patio supplies and the fence delivered to us from Lowe’s for only $69. He delivered it on a pallet which made it easy for hubby to move it to the back yard. I was afraid our dog was going to try to get through to the neighbor’s back yard! He’s always on that side of the yard.


So our little patio is done just in time for BBQ’ing for July fourth! What are you doing this fourth?

Oh wait…the contest! So Lowe’s has sponsored another $100 gift card giveaway! I hope I’ve inspired you to do something with your back yard! Here’s the widget. As always, Suerte!

This giveaway has ended. To enter more recent giveaways, check them out here!

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