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Dis­clo­sure:  I am a mem­ber of the Lowe’s Cre­ative Ideas Cre­ators & Influ­encers Net­work and receive a Lowe’s gift card to com­plete my projects. How­ever, all ideas, opin­ions, & expe­ri­ences are entirely my own.

I loved the lighted branches I purchased last year for the front steps. My older home has no outside outlets at the front of the house so the branches were perfect since they were battery operated. The only thing I needed to change were the vases. The vases I purchased last year were definitely not suitable for outside use. So this year I purchased a big plastic pot from Lowe’s and filled it about halfway with potting soil. I figure I can use the soil to plant annuals and things next spring! But for now it holds my lighted branches up and the battery case is protected from the cold and snow so I can use them again year after year!

This year I also added a great light up snowflake. Now that we have that great looking screen door I don’t mind calling a bit of attention to it. It was a bit tough to photograph this but this snowflake looks amazing and doesn’t compete with the branches since it’s pure white. It’s perfectly priced at less than $40.  We also used one of those command strip hooks to attach it to the glass without damaging the screen door. I love that the snowflake is bright but it’s more wintery than Christmas-y. If that’s a word. Sometimes you see so many Santas everywhere that I tend to OD. It’s like Christmas threw up everywhere. I also prefer snowflakes to decorate the inside of the house as well.


I like to keep the decorating simple because next thing you know the holidays are over and you have to take everything down again! Do you decorate for the holidays?

Winter Badge '13 280x200

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