#LowesCreator project: Flowery Birdbath

For a small Lowes Creative Ideas project (while hubby finishes the kitchen) I made myself busy with this flowery birdbath. It’s a really pretty and cheap project that can make your garden stand out from the rest. I’ve been trying to complete this project forever ago but something always seemed to come up (or in the case of rain…down). So I convinced hubby to let me put it together inside the house. I made a mess, but the results were beautiful! Check it out!


Now I was going to put it in the back yard, but it’s so pretty I’d like to figure out a space for it in the front! Great for curb appeal and it’s just too pretty!

What do you think? Do you want to make your own flowery birdbath for less than $50? Check out the instructions here. And it was beyond easy to follow the instructions and put everything together. I will post another picture when it makes it outside in it’s new home.  Lowe’s Creative Ideas is a great site to help you get creative with those projects around your home! You can also find it in Spanish, Lowe’s Ideas Creativas,  

Seriously…the rain today was crazy! Were you caught out in the rain?

3 thoughts on “#LowesCreator project: Flowery Birdbath

    1. I definitely was going to put it outside but the rain kept me from putting it together out there. It’s sitting pretty in my backyard right now. Thanks!

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