LushOf course when I heard that Lush Fresh Made Cosmetics had a store in my area, I immediately had to pay them a visit.  Anything with the label ‘fresh made’ and ‘all natural’, catches my attention.  I bought a few products, a face cleanser, a body scrub, tooth ‘paste’, and massage body bars…

I will start with the cleanser!  9-5 Cleansing Lotion:   my skin is normal to dry, and I am fan of milky cleansers, so this did not sound bad at all, almond oil, dove orchid oil and flower absolute are the main ingredients, known to be gentle and nourishing.  I put it on my face, took my make up off beautifully and my face felt soft, hydrated and clean.  So far so good.  The next morning I had breakouts, WOMP WOMP WOMP- on my forehead and chin, that never happens, could have been a combination of the oils or just a reaction to a new product.  For that reason, I will stick to my Dr.Hauschka Milk Cleanser before bed time.  I am sorry to say- this was a MISS for me!

However, the Ocean Salt- Face & Body Scrub, I liked!  (On my body), I am not so sure I would use this on my face, definitely very abrasive and coarse, I would not recommend it.  I actually used it with my dry brush and my skin felt amazing, soft, tight, and exfoliated!  There is avocado cream and coconut fat in this product, it does leave your skin silky smooth.   This one is a HIT in my book!

The tooth ‘paste’- which is not toothpaste per say-Toothy Tabs is the name,  they are actually tiny tables that you chew with your front teeth for a few seconds and then you brush as you normally would.  It foams up like tooth paste, there is baking soda in this product and different essential oils. They have different flavors, I chose Breath of God, sandalwood, vanilla and fennel- which helps with bad breath.  The taste is not bad, but the texture and the ‘chalky’ feeling in your mouth could take a little while to get used to.  But my mouth and teeth felt clean and refreshed and just the fact that they are little tablets, I thought the product was innovative and different, so this one is a HIT as well!

The Massage Bars, LOVE THEM!  I bought two different ones- Wiccy Magic Muscles- perfect for sore muscles, for a massage after a workout or just a long strenuous day.  It has cinnamon and peppermint, gives out that cooling sensation.  Very innovative product as well- you rub the massage bar over the area you wish to massage, maybe a couple times, once you work it with your hands, the heat from them melts the oils and your hands glide so easily, this would be a cool product for my massage therapist friends to use in their treatments.  It has cocoa butter, coconut oil  and jojoba oil, not too greasy but perfect for a massage.    The other bar is the Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner), sexy scent, soft and it has real honey which is fantastic for your skin.  I actually used it after a bath as a moisturizer, and my skin felt soft and the smell lasted all day!  Massage Bars- definitely a HIT!

Questions, comments or suggestions are always welcomed!


Stay Beautiful!



Renata Bateman is a Certified Dr. Hauschka Skin Therapist & Holistic Practioner @ Chateau Salon & Spa in Fairport, NY. Freelance Beauty Writer & Beauty Expert

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