Luvs first kid versus second kid commercials

Luvs has some great commercials on right now that are so true about motherhood and how we act with the first kid versus second kid. First time moms are super uptight I think mostly because as a first time mom we just don’t have it together yet and we are learning as we go. But really I feel like that now with two kids that are almost 8 and 2. But I guess we just worry about less things the second time around. Or we choose our priorities.

The hand sanitizer one was so me. The first time around you actually had to wash your hands before you could touch my baby. But to my defense he was a preemie that was born in late February and I didn’t want to rush him to the hospital once he was home because he caught a bad cold or RSV and had trouble breathing or something. But my mom was all in her feelings about this rule. Oh well. He didn’t get sick. She’s never going to let that go but I stand by my decision. The second time around, my youngest was so little that people automatically just put hand sanitizer on before holding him. The kid looked like a baby doll for real. Still can’t believe how tiny he was compared to how big he is two years later!

This video though…I’ve heard of moms doing this but I never did. How is it that putting a pacifier in your mouth is sanitizing it for your child? I was never as extreme as the first, but not as ridic as the second. Well my babies never really liked pacifiers past the age of about 6 months old so it wasn’t a thing for me. I even went out and bought like five pacis for my youngest so we can keep them close by and everywhere. He used it to chew on when he started teething but that was it. Eventually I threw them all out. One of my nieces was all about that paci. Even when she was about two my mom would throw them out and I would have to go to the store to get her two more she would scream until she got one. I would rather my kids use a paci than suck their thumb…especially boys they are everywhere and in the dirt I wouldn’t want him to try to put his thumb in his mouth after all that. The paci is easier to take away than their thumb. Considering my oldest found his thumb after a few days of birth I knew it was important to keep 5 paci’s around just in case. Yes 5. I had them everywhere. If one fell and I didn’t have a way to clean it I would just give him another one.

Oh, motherhood. What did you do differently the second time around?

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