MAC Cosmetics and Selena Collaboration 2016

MAC Cosmetics
Selena fans are loyal as hell.  Even after her untimely death 20 years ago, we all still have a special love for Selena.  And now, we can rock that beautiful red lip she was famous for! MAC Cosmetics (another reason I love MAC!!) has announced a collaboration with Selena Quintanilla coming in 2016.  The second half of 2016 to be more precise.  I. Cannot. Wait. All I’m saying is, they better do this right, we’ve been waiting forever for this to happen! The packaging needs to be on point too! This is a super collection item so I will be all over the entire collection.

I’m wondering what this is going to look like. And the possible names of these items (Like maybe Bidi Bidi Bom Bom for her classic brick red??)

Word on the Internet is that her sister is working on this project with MAC Cosmetics so this will definitely be a good one to look out for. Besides that brick red she was known for, a nice 1990’s nude that  Kylie Jenner has made trendy again would also be a perfect pick. A Google search can show you how those two shades were her signature colors.

What would you like to see in this collection? Who’s ready for the MAC Cosmetics release of  #MacSelena?

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