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I am the queen of magazine subscriptions. Right now I’m subscribed to the follwing mags:

1. Latina
2. Vibe
3. Parents
4. Better Homes & Gardens

Wow pretty diverse right? Just looking at my list you can tell I’m an urban music loving latina mom with a passion for home decorating! lol! Couldn’t describe myself better than that in one sentence! Anyway, I get something in the mail from Cookie magazine. It’s a subscribe card where you can get one issue free to try out and then it’s only about $12 for a year’s subscribtion. Not bad right? I’m reading the insert about the mag and it sounds like something I’m into. I’m wondering if they go through some kind of consumer list to see what you’re currently subscribed to. It’s like Cosmo and Parenting all in one!! But Cosmo for the married mom. Doesn’t that sound great! On their website you can get recipes for popsicles and enter to win $250 in makeup. It covers every aspect of being a mom! I’m hoping I like it because the Parenting magazine is missing something to me. Cookie may be it! Too bad I’m subscribed to Parenting for another two years! I’m such a big reader but because I never have time to read books I read magazines. And it gives me topic ideas for blog posts so everyone benefits from my many magazine subscriptions! Do you think hubby would buy that? “It’s a public service honey!! It’s my job to keep the ladies in cyperspace informed!!” Yea I don’t think he’d buy that either.

2 thoughts on “Magazine Subscriptions

  1. I subscribe to Latina, Good Housekeeping and Glamour. I love reading magazines, it’s relaxing to me. Glamour is about to expire and I’m not renewing for now. Might do RedBook but it’s very similar to GH so I’m not so sure..

  2. I also think it’s relaxing, Caroline. I absolutely love reading magazines! I hope Cookie is pretty good. Do you like Good Housekeeping? I do like Better Homes And Gardens because of the amazing decorating ideas. I’ve gotten quite a few I’m keeping in a binder until I get a chance to do them.

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