Maite Perroni Hair

Maite Perroni is a telenovela favorite. From RBD to La Gata, I love watching her get some great roles. Don’t forget Cuidado Con El Angel with William Levy, one of my favorites to date!


Maite Perroni has changed her hair over the years, from bangs to now a very pretty and subtle ombre. Ombre’s have become very popular over the years and I love how it looks on her. Her signature dark locks got a great upgrade! It goes well with her complexion, and that perfect red lip finishes her look perfectly!

I’ve done an ombre on my hair, once $200 at a salon and the next time I did it myself. Then I got it all chopped off. I’m a big fan of DIY hair dye. You can totally get the ombre look like Maite Perroni quick and easy with a trip to your local Sally’s. All you would need is a quick blue bleach packet, volume 30 developer (use a 1:2 solution) and a demi or semi permanent color to help tone the blonde to a natural looking toner. That quick blue bleach is my favorite, it helps keep your dark locks from going orange. It tones as it lifts…my secret to cheeto free hair! No one wants to look like a cheeto head!

Before applying all this, make sure that you back comb your hair and then apply with a tinting brush for maximum coverage. You can watch it to see how light you want it to be but no more than 20 minutes. Once you wash, deep condition and then style as usual.


She debuted an ashy blonde look for Premio Juventud this past summer. She looked great in this look too it worked well for summer and her summer tan, but not sure how this would work when her tan fades in winter.

You can totally get Maite Perroni hair at home for less than $20! Have you tried to DIY your hair at home? Do you like Maite Perroni’s ombre hair look or do you prefer her blonde?

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