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I wrote this a month ago and I know I’ve been slacking on the Makeup 101 series but I really wanted to do a video to this and haven’t had a chance! So I’m definitely going to do one later but in the meantime for your Makeup 101 fix here’s the 6 makeup brushes you should start off with! Makeup 101 brushes

I was first introduced to makeup brushes about ten years ago from a friend of mine who was also a cosmetology student. She swore by makeup brushes and I just used whatever came with the product I bought. She couldn’t believe it and took me to Sally’s that day of our conversation to help me choose my first makeup brush which was my foundation brush. I covered foundation in a previous Makeup 101 post but application is definitely key. Getting the right foundation is just one step. If not applied correctly you’re not going to get the desired result.

I honestly didn’t see the big deal until we went back to my house and she watched over me as I applied my foundation with my new brush. Whoa what a difference! And liquid foundation definitely has a foundation brush! Application looks almost air brushed and you can easily control coverage and add layers if you’d like.

Here are my top five brushes that every beginner should have:

1. A good foundation brush.  You need this in your life. I spent about $10 on my first one but you can check out elf their makeup brushes are amazing. Their brushes start at $1 and it’s perfect for someone trying out. You can definitely go more expensive in price if you decide this is definitely a brush for you. I think this brush could last you at least a year with proper care.

2. Total Face Brush. Great for blending blush and applying bronzer and setting powder.

3. A blush brush. This one from elf is also $1 and is great but won’t last you as long. I went through mine in about a year. Maybe less. You can find E.L.F. brushes at Target and Kmart too I think. So you don’t have to order online if you don’t have to.

4. C brush or domed eye shadow brush. You need a flat domed brush for applying eyeshadow and get the most color.

5. Crease brush. This one helps with the smokey eye look. You can use around the crease and the V or outer corner of your eye.

6. Blending eye brush. You definitely need this one to blend your different colors together so it doesn’t look too harsh.

I love all of the elf brushes. They are inexpensive and really last you a while. Make sure you take care of your makeup brushes by cleaning them at least once a week with baby wash or makeup brush cleaner. Lay them flat and let them dry overnight. It will help keep your color truer as well as your brush from falling apart! Clean them weekly and they can last you a long while!

Video soon to follow plus giveaway!

6 thoughts on “Makeup 101 | All about makeup brushes

  1. This is some great information. I actually bought some Elf brushes a while back but I still haven’t used them. I’m going to try using them now since you say they make such a big difference in coverage.

    1. Yes makeup is all in the application and brush you use! I may do a quick video in how to use these brushes to make a full face! Stay tuned for that!

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