Mami Monday: When Your Kid Doesn’t Look Like You

Walks in the mall are interesting. I watch people’s expressions as they look at my oldest son to me. Their faces scream “I don’t get it”. If my husband is with us, then their expressions change and it’s like the light bulb goes off and it all makes sense.

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My oldest child is the spitting image of his father. And although we look like an interracial family, I’m Dominican and he is Puerto Rican.

My son inherited his father’s beautiful skin. He also somehow inherited my father’s insanely thick, black hair. My husband and I both have curls, but his hair does not take a curl, not since he got his first haircut.

He basically looks like a little Taino. Talk about a throwback right! When he was a baby, he had full cheeks which I still have, so we looked a bit more alike. Now that his face has thinned out and he’s looking more like a young man…I just look like the nanny and his mom is off somewhere doing something else.

It drives me absolutely insane. Like yes, he’s mine, I’m not the nanny nor am I the stepmom. My husband does not have a baby momma somewhere else that’s not me. I’ve got the C-Section scars to prove it. My DNA must have been on vacation when he was conceived.

Five and a half years later when we found out we were expecting again, I just prayed that my second child looked a bit more like me. Nothing to do with vanity, but more so that I made sense in my own family. Some people pray for gender, I prayed to the little baby Jesus for a healthy baby that was as close to full term as possible, that looked just a bit like me so that I don’t look like the “mom stand in” when we took a picture with our family of four.

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The little baby Jesus in heaven listened and I think our second is a true mix of the both of us. He’s a bit lighter than my oldest but still has a darker complexion than me. He’s like me with a summer tan. But he has inherited my husband’s facial expressions. Didn’t inherit our curly hair either so we basically just gave up on that. I’m going to assume that their kids will end up with our curls. Somebody’s got to inherit these curls!

There are celebrities out there whose child look exactly like them. And I’m like but where’s the mom in this?! Of the top of my head I can think of Damon Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr. Seriously? We as moms have to carry our babies, watch what we eat, watch our weight go up, watch our body never go back to normal…and then our babies are spitting images of their dad. Thanks, Universe.

And it’s not limited to boys either. Look at Riley Curry. She is the spitting image of her father! Hoping their second daughter looks a little bit like mom!

Some of my girlfriend’s kids look nothing like them and look exactly like dad. I don’t say a thing though. I know I’m not the only one that gets incredibly irritated when someone states the obvious and tells me that my kids look like their dad.

What about you? Do your kids look like you?

2 thoughts on “Mami Monday: When Your Kid Doesn’t Look Like You

  1. She does. Except she’s darker than I am. I have pictures as a little girl where I look just like her. However, folks don’t curb their mouths and regularly declare “she looks nothing like you” which makes me want to slap them. #truestory

    I think kids change. Mami used to hear the same thing about me and I now get the “you look so much like your mom” comments. I always think the kid looks like…herself. Maybe because I know she’s mine, I don’t really care who she looks like. I can’t imagine her looking like me or like him. She looks like herself to me. But maybe if folks were ouchea screaming that she was the spitting image of me, I’d feel differently.

    1. That’s a good point! I looked more like my dad growing up but the older I get I can see my mom’s features. I do get it everywhere though about my oldest. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me he looks like my husband…..It’s like I get it. Geez.

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