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There are lists upon lists out there on what thing you need while expecting and for the baby after baby is born. But there are things that Mami needs too in order to adjust to that time after the baby is born. These are things I learned on my own after having my second baby a few months ago. So what are those things?

after baby is born 1. Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy. Stretch marks are hereditary and sometimes inevitable when you are pregnant. I know Mederma is a bit pricey at around $50 but it works. I ended up with so much swelling after I had my baby that my stomach was full of stretch marks. Huge ones that hurt more than my c-section scars. It looked like my stomach was going to just rip open. I was so afraid of having those big scars on my stomach that I went out and got the Mederma. And it worked! Only two months later my stretch marks are almost white and tiny. Considering how wide they were I’m pretty impressed. They look a year old! And really I ended up with some stretch marks on my arms that I didn’t bother to put Mederma on just because they weren’t as big and gross and thought they would go away on their own. Those stretch marks are still bright red and I’m going to start to put Mederma on them too. Trust me this is the business. You need this if you have stretch marks.You can actually get it at Amazon for half the price! I’m going to buy my next bottle online.

after baby is born 2. Belly Bandit. I’ve seen a lot of reviews online and decided to try this after the baby is born. It really did help my shape return. But also prevented me from getting hurt by holding my stomach in and keeping it from jiggling. Since again I had that c-section, I wore it lower on my hip to cover the scar. There was a huge difference from my first pregnancy and c-section where I didn’t use anything on my belly. Is my belly back to normal after 10 weeks? Nope. But I saw the curve come back and the inches are disappearing. I still wear it off and on especially when I exercise to keep the jiggles at bay.

3. A mani and pedi. I’m sure during the last weeks of your pregnancy you weren’t able to get to the nail salon. Get yourself a groupon and get some alone time for an hour. Your baby will be fine and you will be recharged.

4. While getting that mani and pedi also make sure you get a trim. Your hair may have grown quite a bit during your pregnancy and you may start losing some of it. The trim will help your hair continue growing. Don’t forget to keep taking those vitamins!

5. While using the Mederma, I’ve been using some Mama Mio products. The Bootcamp for Tummies along with that Belly Bandit will be a great team to help jump start getting your pre-pregnancy weight back. I’ve been using this daily since I’ve had the baby. Since these products have worked so well for me I’d like to add the Boob Tube. My skin needs some toning after having stopped breast feeding.

6. Last but not least, you will not be back to your pre-pregnancy size overnight but yet those maternity jeans may fall off your bootie. But instead of buying a whole new wardrobe that will hopefully be just temporary stretch out your wardrobe by using a belly band. I got mine at Target and have one in white and black. It goes over your jeans so that you can leave them unbuttoned and unzippered while looking like you are just layering your tops. This was a must for me in my first trimester too and most of my second. It helped me stretch out my favorite jeans, skirts and pants while adding this over it. You need this.

Well here are my must haves for Mami after baby is born. Do you have any to add to the list?

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