Mami Monday | True Easy Syringe

trueeasysyringe I love sharing great products and tools to make motherhood easier. No one likes a cranky mami! And a cranky, sick, baby can make for a cranky mami! I don’t like to over medicate my babies (who does right?) So I make sure that I have the correct dosage every time with the True Easy Syringe. Especially when you have a sick baby who is crying with a high fever, you want to make sure you can get him settled down quickly but also that you give your baby the correct dosage. True Easy Syringe’s color coded tube makes sure you get it right every time. And for only $4.99, it’s BPA free and easy to clean. You can find it at Publix, CVS and my fave store…Walgreens. Who doesn’t love Walgreens!!

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