Mental Load and Moms

Mental LoadGrab some left over Halloween candy, your favorite glass of wine and let’s have a seat. Let’s discuss the mental load that is affecting all moms. Mental load is real regardless of your working status. Whether you are a SAHM, Working Mom, WAHM…am I missing any? Either way, this mental load affect us all. And it’s the reason why we always so damn tired. You want to know why I’m always so damn tired?? Side note…I have PCOS which does not help my cause. At. All. But aside from that I’m….

I’m thinking about what’s for dinner and also internally jabbing myself for not working on a meal plan for the week as I should be doing. It’s a beautiful thing in theory that just never happens.

Wondering if I remembered to take the laundry out of the washer and throw in the dryer. And this my friends, is why my husband does the laundry 90% of the time. But that 10% where it’s just me handling….it’s not pretty. I also don’t do windows. In case you’re wondering.

Figuring out how I am going to work getting a new stove in between holiday shopping. Because my stove decided to shit the bed. I mean it was a top of the line stove….back in 1960. Couldn’t it have waited until tax season?? UGH!

Trying to remember if I’ve dropped the ball at all at work. I mean did I send that email or approve the document or not??

Is this a true medical emergency or should I wait until the last possible moment to call my doctor? I got no time to be playing around but I also have no time to try to make time for the doctor.


Do I have enough money to pay all the bills this month and still be able to feed everybody? Because they got to eat daily.

Will my kids need a new coat? I think my older one will. So then who’s going to clean out the closet? We should be decluttering and making some donations to Goodwill so that we can get a break on our taxes when we file in a few months.

Do I have enough time from work to be able to make it to any parent teacher conferences or if by the off chance someone gets sick? Because I had to use one of my last days of paid time off to clean my house after my kid’s birthday party. Don’t get me started.


What am I missing? I’m definitely missing something. I’m in a never ending state of juggling with an immense fear that I will literally drop a ball. My life is like a game of Jenga where you are slowly moving things to make other things fit in the hope the whole darn thing doesn’t fall and ruin the game.

I work off of lists. And I have some friends who are bad ass at list and spreadsheet making. Looking at you, Sili. I’m trying but sometimes I make my lists and then forget it at home. Doesn’t everyone?

Here’s to you, mom, waiting in line to cash out your groceries knowing that you forgot at least one thing that should have been on your list. Just don’t forget the wine. Or the kids, I guess.

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