Been MIA Here is Some Randomness

I’ve been completely MIA lately, my offline life has gotten pretty busy. Between totaling my car and trying to get a new one without going bankrupt I’ve been mentally drained and have no writing mojo! But I’ve found some cute things online for you to check out.

In baby  news…nope not mine.. I love this video about a new mom who gets to see her baby for the first time. The baby has her little arm wrapped around her head and cries each time the nurse tries to take her away from her mom. It’s so cute! IDK if you’ve seen it but check it out here.


This picture of a baby with this cute little sign babyharpern

Someone tagged me on Facebook with this video. It is so funny!! I showed my baby (Who’s only 15 months) and he chuckled too.


Hope you’re doing well! Happy Wednesday!

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