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I love me some Michael Kors. As in love to look and window shop because I don’t have any cash like that to buy a purse. But not even…if I did have the cash I’m such a bargain shopper that I wouldn’t be able to justify $200 sneakers or $1000 bag. Of course I can check out eBay and trust me I will be checking it out for those sneakers!

Michael Kors Everything
I couldn’t even add the prices to this stuff individually because it would make you cry. But Michael Kors has everything from amazing watches to those gorgeous heels and you know I’m a sneaker head so I had to bring out those chain laced sneakers. I do think that this needs to be in my closet stat. The cheapest things on here though are the stud earrings. The bags are also drool worthy. I saw someone with that black bag at the mall. It’s $1500. It looks so much cuter in person. I’ve seen the girl a few times can’t tell you what she looks like but I can describe that bag for you. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite he’s my favorite designer and now he’s got beauty stuff out! Both perfume and makeup to round out his amazing collection.
A new store just opened at Eastview Mall and the rumor is that Michael himself is the one that designs the display so if the last purse is on the window and you want it…they are going to have to call you when it’s available. Can you believe it!
So which is your favorite? You already know I have to go with the sneakers!
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    1. Jazbeth me and you are exactly a like. One it’s not in my budget either…two I’m a sneakerhead so I’m all about those sneakers! Check eBay!

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