My favorite beauty products


My favorite beauty products are the things make me feel bella:

my favorite beauty products

My favorite lip gloss is MAC lip gloss: don’t knock it until you tried it. I bought one and I was hooked. Their whole product line is amazing and flatters every skin tone from the mas blanquita to the mas morenita. The brand might be more expensive than drugstore brands but I will gladly pay $14 for lip gloss that has substance to it. It stays on most of the day and it has a thickness unlike the cheap brands. It will last you longer too so it’s worth the price. I own like 6 or 7 and they I feel like they all flatter me very well. You can’t say that about a lot of products.

My favorite hair product has got to be Frizzease: If you’re like most Latinas you have to deal with frizz. My hair is Shakira curly and if I don’t put some  Frizzease on it I can’t have it curly or straight without the frizz. Even if the snow or rain hits my hair it’s still silky smooth when it’s straight. It’s the best product when you want your rizos or when you want it straight. I use the serum but there’s a whole line of products from shampoos and conditioners to finishing crème.

My favorite nail product is Rimmel: I might splurge on my lip gloss but for nail polish this drugstore brand to me works just as good as the OPI with half the price. They have every color imaginable and I swear I have at least ten! Walmart and your favorite drugstores carry them and for less than $2 it’s a steal and can fit any Mami’s budget. I also love Sinful Colors you can find them at Walgreen’s and they are so cheap!
Aveeno face wash: I bought this a few weeks ago and it’s actually working for me. I have sensitive acne prone skin and I haven’t really broken out since I bought this. But my face doesn’t feel dry either. And I’ve tried everything from Proactive to Ambi, Neutrogena the works! And this is really working for me! I think the bar of soap wash was less than five bucks!

What things make you feel bella?

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  1. I did I got it with the Quick Blogcast they’ve got and I’m only paying like $2 for it including hosting. I’m glad you like it!

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