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This just hit my mailbox and I had to share it! I’m a mom of boys, but if I had a girl I would totally love this! Nine West has a Mommy and me line just in time for Mother’s Day. Isn’t this picture cute with the matching metallic shoes? Nine West is a bit pricer than most shoes but the shoes are comfy and last forever. I would totally splurge on classic buys like pumps in different colors. I just purchased a cute pair of summer shoes from Nine West for $29! So you can definitely find some good scores especially if you have an outlet near you.

I checked out the website and the Mommy and Me portion of Nine West and loved it! Nine West got this right. I love how the shoes coordinate but they are not exactly the same. Maybe made from the same material same nude patent leather or similar silhouette like in the picture above….but always age appropriate. I’m here for this! The shoes are a bit pricey, be prepared to spend like $150 on both pairs of shoes.

I remember when my mom and I used to wear similar outfits. Especially when it is for a special occasion or holiday like Christmas. I remember one Christmas when I was 8 or 9 she bought a white dress with red polka dots and made me a similar dress with the similar fabric. There’s a picture in front of my uncle’s Christmas tree to prove it! My mom wasn’t much of the domestic type so we didn’t have Christmas trees growing up. But as soon as I saw this email hit my inbox it brought back memories of that Christmas especially. I don’t remember any other time we coordinated like that while I was growing up. If I had a daughter I would totally do this. I see the mommy and me outfits on Pinterest and melt. But I’m glad I was blessed with boys. I can barely do my own hair on a daily basis I would hate to have to be responsible for someone else’s hair on a daily basis too!

Lucky for my mom she owned a hair salon and was a hair dresser so she sometimes would do my hair a few times a day, especially when the salon was quiet. I loved doing my hair then! But to have a daughter now to do her hair daily? Yea….no thanks! Shout out to my friends with daughters that spend hours doing their hair. Somebody’s gotta do it!

Although I have boys, I would totally coordinate sneakers or something with them. That would be fun! I’m all about comfy chic anyway so I have quite the collection of sneakers, especially for someone that loves heels and all things pretty just as much!

Do you have any daughters? Do you coordinate sometimes or on special occasions? I love to hear about it in the comments!

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