I’m Obsessed…The Master Bedroom of my Dreams

We’ve been slowly but surely working on all the wallpaper in this house. Four months later and I’m proud to report that the main level is wallpaper free! That took a lot of blood sweat and tears. Lots of tears. Lots and lots of sweat. But it is finally done and our new house is that much more closer to joining us in this millennium.

Mood Board Master Bedroom

The upstairs is full of wallpaper too, one accent wall in each of the bedrooms and in the hallway. The bathroom is also wallpapered, about one third of the wall above the tile. At least not all of it is wallpaper!

Right now I’m dreaming of a new bedroom set but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Instead I’m thinking of painting our worn looking bedroom set (it’s like 10 years old) a matte shade of black.  I’m dreaming of an upgrade from our master bedroom in our last home. Not sure what I’d like to paint the wall yet, probably a champagne color if I can find what I’m looking for.

mood board bedroom

Right now in our bedroom we still have the unsightly wallpaper on one wall and curtains we inherited with the house. They are also older and sit right on the windowsill of our square windows instead of falling to the floor like in the mood board above.

I absolutely love the nightstands with the campaign style and gold details. They go with the sprinkle of gold details I’d like to use throughout the room. I read somewhere about having framed pictures of your relationship in the master bedroom, as the bedroom should be celebrating the relationship. I totally love the idea and would like to put up pictures of hubby and I throughout the years.

I’ve already bought some bed risers from Target in order to use the space under the bed for storage. There was no way I was hauling my clothes three levels from the basement to my bedroom when I switch out my closet. It was the perfect solution.


I’d also like to take our Moroccan candle holders and spray paint them a light gold to match the rest of the décor. Right now they are dark color as you can see in this picture of the bedroom redo at our last home. The prices on these items are out of control ($2k for those dressers!!) but they still serve as inspiration for what I’m hoping would be a great bedroom…no kids allowed!

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