My Elf Review

So I get the package yesterday and I look inside. I loved the packaging. Here’s a pic:
So here are my pros and cons: Pros: I think it’s a nice idea that they  have tips on how to use the makeup in the back of the packaging including what brush is good too use. They even tell you how to apply the bronzer. The pencil eyeliner comes with its own sharpener which is nice. The eye shadow was very true to color and applied beautifully. The pressed powder was very true to color. I’m wearing it today and it just looks like I have great skin not that I have any makeup on. I love that. Cons: the only negative I can share is that the pressed powder and blush are smaller than the average powder and blush you buy at the store. But for a dollar I can’t complain much. I toss makeup because it gets old. I don’t think I’ve ever ran out of powder and/or blush since I started wearing makeup! But I guess I have to complain about something!
I do prefer liquid makeup and I was worried that the makeup wasn’t blending right since I was using powder but it turned out great. I doubled checked while I was in the car since sunlight is the best light to find any makeup mistakes. So I think the makeup is definitely worth more than the dollar if you look at quality! I guess they keep their prices low by making the package smaller than it normally would be. But that’s fine with me! I think I’m going to become an every day makeup wearer now that I’ve gotten so many nice comments!

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