My Holiday Traditions

holiday traditions

We all have family traditions right? Especially around the holidays! My inner Martha Stewart wannabe comes out during this time of year. Maybe it’s because growing up, my mom wasn’t really interested in the holidays. It was her busiest time of year at the beauty salon she owned, so I guess there was no time for holiday pictures, or tree decorating and baking. Pinterest and my aunts have been a savior in helping me not be as Scrooge-like as my mom was.

My house is  already decorated for the season. Getting a pre-lit tree this year made it super easy to set up. It’s always those lights that get me all stressed out! I love the glow of the tree in the dining room when the rest of the lights are off. This time of year has a certain magic and mystery that no other time of year has and I’m here for all of it!

Because I didn’t have many holiday traditions growing up, a lot of the traditions that we do around the house were started when my oldest was born. The only tradition I’ve taken from my family is that we celebrate Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve, my uncle threw a big party where we all met up and danced the night away. We still do Christmas Eve in my house, and although I’m Dominican, I make a mean coquito and also rum balls that my family devour when they come over. It’s the best thing to watch my kids play with their cousins and the adults play games as well, like Cards Against Humanity. After a few cups of coquito that is the best game ever! New traditions are awesome too!!

During the holidays we usually see Santa at a local garden shop. He’s a lot better than the mall Santa and the pictures are a lot cheaper too. I love that I have a picture of my kids and Santa since my oldest was about 18 months old. We also check out the crafts and things they have set up and make an afternoon of it.

I also love taking a picture of the kids under the tree after all the presents have been opened. There’s wrapping paper everywhere and sometimes they put the bows on their heads. They are my favorite gifts and I make sure to let them know that every year! I can’t wait to take the yearly picture again this year!2014-12-25 10.07.28

I’m going to make them do this each year until they are married with kids. I hope this is a tradition they take with them when they have their own families!

What kind of traditions do you do with your family?

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