My Makeup Room Tour | My First Video!

Happy Holidays! My laptop charger randomly decided one day while charging my laptop that it was going to give out so I had to order a new one from Amazon. Meanwhile, I took my phone and recorded my first video and uploaded it to YouTube! It’s a tour of my makeup room/office space and it’s about 5 minutes long.

It’s totally raw, I didn’t really edit it because my pursuit of perfection is what keeps me from doing video. So you may hear my kids in the background but hey such is life right? Also…no makeup because it was the day after Christmas and I was cleaning up in my office room and decided on a whim to do this video.

The makeup vanity post I mentioned is here. Super easy DIY!

Now that you’ve seen my space I’d love any idea you’ve got to make it more of a usable space, right now I’m just feeling like it’s missing something! And although I’m writing this blog post here from my office, I am barely in here. It’s pretty nice in here with the door closed so I hope to use it more in 2017!

Makeup Room Before

This is what the makeup room looked like before, this is a picture of the listing for our home. As you can see there’s been huge progress so far! After we took out that old gross carpet out the gross floor was underneath. I can’t wait to remove that floor too and put in a pretty new floor and then a throw rug! We painted the paneling the lavender color, and the wall on the right is the wall that is completely bare.

That’s it for now! I hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas and I’m going to take my charger kicking the bucket as a sign to take the rest of the year off. See you in 2017!

Happy New Year!

happy new year

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