My Telenovela Obsession

I confess I’m a huge Telenovela fan. I love the fact that the show lasts a couple months to a year then it gets replaced by a new one. So if I don’t like the one they are giving I sit it out and wait until it’s over to check out the next one. My hubby makes fun of me because he says I always know how it’s going to end. The two principal actors whose love is forbidden by some way shape or form get married at the end. He’s right. But I like watching them get there! Every soap opera always finishes with a wedding it’s almost like it’s the law of writing a telenovela. Do you know they actually give some classes on writing telenovelas in some universities in < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Miami? That’s insane.

Look at the Ugly Betty franchise. That hit sitcom was actually a telenovela produced by Telemundo. I loved it! It was called “Betty La Fea” basically Ugly Betty in Spanish. I just finished watching Univision’s version called “La Fea Mas Bella” or “The Prettiest Ugly Girl”. That one lasted about a year. They also have a Spanish Cartoon of Ugly Betty that is so cute. It’s when Betty was a schoolgirl. I put it on for my son once in a while. I’m currently watching “Al Diablo Con Los Guapos” which means “To Hell with the Hotties” It’s pretty catchy when you say it that way. It’s beyond complicated. The orphan girl raised by a convent was hired by this affluent family to be a maid in the house. Come to find out she’s the niece of the butler and her mom was also a maid in that house who fell in love with the man who is now the head of the house so in turn that is her father. She does not know that’s her father. But the priest at the convent knows and is bound by secrecy. Her uncle the butler also knows and protects her from the evil wench of the wife who also knows the secret but noone has told her that’s her father.

Now, history is repeating itself: she’s fallen in love with the son. But wait! You’re thinking ew that’s her brother!!! Turns out the woman her father married had that child with someone else out of wedlock but he gave him his last name to keep up appearances. So his son doesn’t even know that’s not his father. Basically I’m waiting for everyone to find out all the secrets and how that’s going to turn out! Talk about complicated huh? I can give weekly updates in little snippets if anyone is interested. I use Spanish a lot at my job there’s lots of Spanish only speaking employees. So I tell hubby this is how I stay current and practice the language. I do speak Spanish to my son as well as my parents so that’s not a pretty good excuse! But I just love drama!

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