You Need Micellar Water in Your Life

Does Micellar Water Work?

Last week I shared my skin care routine, which is amazing for acne-prone, troubled skin. I’ve recently tried Micellar Water and it has become an important part of my skin care routine. I always wonder does micellar water work? I’ve heard lots regarding Micellar Water, it’s quickly become a cult fave and now I see why!


This stuff is really the best thing that has happened to skin for a while. You can find lots of different brands that is carrying Micellar Water, the one I’m using right now is from Garnier.

I have sensitive, oily skin so the one you see pictured here is perfect for me. They have a cleansing one for all skin types, and a waterproof one that removes the most stubborn mascara.

For less than $10, you need to head to your nearest drug store and check this out. In the picture, you can see the pads that I use to clean my skin with the Micellar Water. That dirty pad you see if what came off my skin after washing and rinsing my face twice! Can you believe that! Some people use it to remove makeup before washing, but I use it after washing my face to get any traces of makeup that may have been left behind. You can see some mascara too on the top left corner that was left over after I washed my face.

This is an important part of my skin care routine and I can’t say enough how much dirt and oil it picks up! This has become my go to most important product to keep my skin clear as well as soft.

What is your must have skin care product?

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