New Month’s Resolutions: April

Yay it’s April! We made it through this awful winter! I can’t wait to start seeing the trees and flowers blooming. I’m so ready for it.


As far as my resolutions so far here are last month’s if you need to catch up. I am teaming up with Globetrotting in Heels for her new month resolution series. We’ve been doing this roundup since January and it’s keeping me on target with my goals!

Last month, I focused on fitness. And that didn’t work out to well. I either work out great for the week and then the following week I don’t. Life always gets in the way. ALWAYS. I woke up at 5am some days to make a 5:45 class at the gym before work. I’m going to have to try and focus on doing that because it makes me feel better when I get it out of the way first thing. It’s not hanging over my head for the entire day.

This month I want to concentrate on spring cleaning. Because the snow has FINALLY melted and we can clear up the crap that we have accumulated all over the place. There are toys that need to be sorted (keep, toss, donate) Plus we have a kitchen project to start and I would like to complete it this month. An ice dam has fought with our kitchen this winter and won. But at least the insurance covered it so we are also installing a new skylight, backsplash and floor. We are also staining the cabinets. So excited about our spring project!

If it gets a little warmer I will get the yard prepped for a little gardening. But in western NY April could truly go either way. It can be nice and pretty or cold and icy. Hoping it’s not the latter! I will keep working on those five am wake up calls to the gym. Because bosses don’t cancel!

It’s been a bit quiet around these parts work has been crazier than usual and I’m trying to tutor my son and give him extra help since he’s struggling a bit with second grade. And my oldest was sick then my youngest. Just too much happening. Being a mom is super tiring!

What have you been up to in April? Have you gotten any of your resolutions done?

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